Announcing a spinning supply trunk show, February 12 and 13

Friday and Saturday, February 12 and 13

Spinning Supply Trunk Show

Calling all spinners and weavers, Long Tail Knits, in conjunction with Whistler’s Glen Alpacas and Black Walnut Alpacas, will be host to a trunk show that will have spinning related products from both farms. Alpaca fiber in all forms for spinning and felting pursuits plus gorgeous mohair and longwool conservation breed sheep’s wool. Some of the breeds represented will be Lincoln, BFL, Romney, Cotswold, Teeswater, Wensley Dale to name a few. Natural and dyed will be offered.

Kid mohair, merino roving, silk, yummy art batts, sparkly Angelina, recycled silk and more will be for sale by the ounce.

Time permitting, you can try our drum carder and make your own batt or we will blend for you.

Hours will be regular store hours. Friday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Weaving Demonstration by Visiting Artist Marcos Bautista

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Hilly’s Gift

When Jean got the call, we went over to pick-up what was left of Hilly Marcus’ weaving adventures. Hilly had already moved, but her daughter Ellen was there to help lift, carry and load the many boxes of books and yarn. Knowing it would be months of storage before the world thawed enough to have the sale, we were openly relieved that the looms were already gone. Ellen explained that they hadn’t sold the looms, they had given them away. The looms had passed to deserving weaving students through a contest within the Cleveland Institute of Art. Ellen let CIA create the actual contest and pick the winners. She knew her mother’s looms would find fine, new homes; but that was all she could say. More than a year later, I got the rest of the story from the Executive Director of the Praxis Fiber Workshop. During my initial exploration of the facility, one boat shuttle of the many moored neatly on the shuttle shelf caught my eye. Clearly across one end, in what had obviously been a very permanent marker, was a boldly written, “Hilly Marcus”. I asked Jessica Pinsky if she knew anyone who knew anything about the contest. It turned out that she knew the other half of the story better than anyone else I could have queried. Jessica had been a technical specialist in the CIA fiber department during that time, and she was part of the group that organized the contest and decided which students won. She told me where they went, and with whom. The Cranbrook is now loved by a lady named Natalie who rents a small space at Praxis to keep the big loom safe and set-up. A gentleman named Matt has the Harrisville in his Parma studio. Both young people are part of the CIA alumni show “Close Connections”; August 7 through September 25 at Praxis. Our own Debbie Silver is also part of the exhibit. In late 2012, when CIA announced it’s elimination of the fiber department as a singular focus of study, Jessica Pinsky started planning Praxis. Her vision saved all the CIA looms from the waste of extended storage or the complete loss from casual discard. I think Hilly would be proud to know that her love and passion have passed into the next generation of fiber artists, and pleased that her gift was received and embraced by such creative hands.


Hilly's shuttle

Announcing a Beiderwand Tapestry Workshop and Registration

Cuyahoga Weavers Guild invites its members and area weaving guild members to register for a great opportunity to learn Beiderwand Tapestry techniques from our member, Deborah Silver.

Click here for the full details and registration materials.

Beiderwand workshop with Deborah Silver – Mar 19, 2016


Registration materials go to:

Elfriede (216-470-3794 or email or

Lynne (440-951-6535 or email


Praxis Fiber Program and Luncheon is Thursday, January 21

Click here for the full details and RSVP deadline.

Praxis and Beachland Ballroom tour info

An Invitation to our area weaving guilds for February 18

On February 18, 2016, the Cuyahoga Weavers Guild is honored to host a
program about Sara Matesson Anliot, a renown weaver in Cleveland
beginning in the 1950s. Ms Anliot was a professor at Cleveland
Institute of Art, May Show exhibitor at the Cleveland Museum of Art,
and member of the Cuyahoga Weavers Guild. The program by family
friend, Margaret Luckay and Sara’s step daughter, Mary Anliot
Hertzman,  from Kentucky will share some of the family’s private
weavings and stories about Sara.  The post war years were flourishing
for the art of weaving and the Swedish inspired techniques became a
standard throughout the United States.  We will hear and become
inspired ourselves by this history in our midst.
The program is free and open to the public and will begin at 12:30 at
the Church of the Savior                   
2537 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118.
For more information about the Cuyahoga Weavers Guild, please visit

We meet Thursday, December 17


Holiday Potluck & Show and Tell

Delicious food and hanging out with friends, showing off the lovely things you’ve made. We are back in Calvary Hall for this meeting.

Church of the Saviour, 2537 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


Newsletter deadline is Tuesday, December 1st


Enjoy this holiday time with friends, family and a scrumptious piece of pumpkin pie. It’s also time to cozy up with a cup of a favorite, warming beverage and jot down your ideas, thoughts and announcements for the guild.

Please send your news, events, programs, weaving travelogs, photos, reveries, and all manner of materials for the guild’s winter newsletter.  Submit them via

Our members will appreciate the inspiration for the long season ahead.


We meet Thursday, November 19. Workshop is Saturday, November 21


We meet at 11:30 for brown bag lunch followed by the meeting at 12:30. Our program is the Nuno Felting presentation by Robbie Grodin.

Church of the Saviour, 2537 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


One-Day Workshop on creating a nature-inspired Nuno Felt Scarf with Robbie Grodin



Here’s the supply list for October 15th

Ele Richardson will be leading us in constructing a decorative ball with fabrics and pins.  The day’s program also includes her presentation on rigid heddle weaving and her experiences at the John C. Campbell Folk School workshop.

Anyone who wants to make the ornament at the October 15th meeting will have to bring:

  • a thimble
  • 3 times 16 fabric squares of 3″ x 3″
  • about 200 pins – short (about 1 1/2″) with small heads
  • ribbon

We will supply the balls. There will also be extra fabric and ways to cut more squares.