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We meet Thursday, November 19. Workshop is Saturday, November 21


We meet at 11:30 for brown bag lunch followed by the meeting at 12:30. Our program is the Nuno Felting presentation by Robbie Grodin.

Church of the Saviour, 2537 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


One-Day Workshop on creating a nature-inspired Nuno Felt Scarf with Robbie Grodin



Here’s the supply list for October 15th

Ele Richardson will be leading us in constructing a decorative ball with fabrics and pins.  The day’s program also includes her presentation on rigid heddle weaving and her experiences at the John C. Campbell Folk School workshop.

Anyone who wants to make the ornament at the October 15th meeting will have to bring:

  • a thimble
  • 3 times 16 fabric squares of 3″ x 3″
  • about 200 pins – short (about 1 1/2″) with small heads
  • ribbon

We will supply the balls. There will also be extra fabric and ways to cut more squares.

Schedule for the new weaving year is posted

The schedule of events for the 2015-16 weaving year is now posted on our handy Schedule page. Check it out, and if you haven’t done so yet, do join us for some fiber-related fun this year!

Western Reserve Spinners and Weavers Guild invites us

Member Nancy Curtiss writes:

A Weekend with Jette Vandermeiden presented by the Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers Guild

Dear Guild Member and Friend,

The members of the Western Reserve Spinners and Weavers guild would like to cordially invite you to a very special workshop and lecture event featuring Jette Vandermeiden.   She is a dynamic speaker, teacher and accomplished drawloom weaver and has given lectures most recently at the 2014 Complex Weavers Seminar.  We are very excited to have her here in Northeastern Ohio.

               She will be our featured guest teacher this November 7-8 teaching a concurrent workshop for 8 shaft looms – All Tied-Up! and for 4 shaft looms – The Versatile Twill… and Beyond!

In addition to the workshop we’ll be kicking off our time with Jette with a Friday night lecture which is absolutely free andopen to members of any guild, regardless of whether you will be attending the workshop.  Please consider this an invitation to join the Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers at 7PM on Friday, November 6th as we learn about:

Damask Goes North: the history of the tablecloth

Where does the tablecloth come from? Why is it used? Tracing the emergence of the tablecloth through the centuries closely follows the movement of damask from the Middle East up to Scandinavia through Europe. The development of the drawloom and the Jacquard loom in Europe brought enormous cultural and societal changes to professional weavers of the time. Connections between religious and political events and the development of damasks and linens as royal textiles tell an interesting story of the influence of weaving on world events through the ages.

     We have several places still open for our special Concurrent 8 shaft and 4 shaft workshop, and for your information I’ve attached a copy of the flyer for this program.  I hope that you’ll share this information with your guild and any weavers that you know.  Spaces are limited, so please contact Nancy Curtiss for availability.  Susan Conover of Conover Workshops has offered to supply kits for the participants of these 2 workshops, which will include pre-wound warps with the weft materials that you’ll need in your project.  If you wish to choose this option, pricing and ordering of these kits will be available to attendees later this summer.  I hope that you find the attached concurrent workshop offerings intriguing!

All events will be held at Lake Metroparks Farmpark, 8800 Euclid Chardon Road, Kirtland, OH 44094.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about either the lecture or the workshop.  We look forward to these events, and hope that you’ll be joining us!

Nancy Curtiss, 2015 Workshop Chair

August 28th is the newsletter deadline

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Think about sharing your weaving journeys, conundrums, resources, research, workshops and insights with our members.

Then, of course, write them up and send them.  Think of it as a way to grab a few moments away from your summer rejuvenation schedule.

Praxis Fiber Workshop opening day report

For the Praxis Fiber Workshop Open House in early June of 2015, Darcy and I went together. The youth and enthusiasm of their artistic souls is revitalizing an area once abandoned and mourned as dead. We shared the mature feeling that it is always better to explore new vistas and questionable neighborhoods with a buddy. It turned out that the only thing we had to fear were the road craters that created challenging conditions between here and there. We parked on the street with no troubles.

There was a little fanfare. A few bright balloons marked the location, and live music spilled out the front door. We walked past people scattered on the sidewalk and the front stoop carefully unwrapping indigo tie dye t-shirts. Just inside the front window, a man played guitar on the left side of the stage while a woman played a 4-harness jack loom to the right.

The entry quickly opened into a comfortable gallery space with a TAA show presenting a wide range of fiber talents. I made sure to absorb and enjoy the offerings of so talented a group, but people I recognized kept assuring me that I really had to go out back. I was determined to explore in a leisurely and logical fashion, but I promised them that I would get there.

I passed through the door into the middle space. To the left was a shiny spacious dye zone with everything one could covet in equipment. A crowd gathered in an orderly fashion to wait or work on their own free artisan t-shirt created from their own creative hands.

The dye demo of tie-dye indigo produced crowd fulls of the same color shirts; all unique and individual in their design.

Indigo tie-dye T-shirt made at Praxis Fiber Workshop grand opening

Indigo tie-dye T-shirt made at Praxis Fiber Workshop grand opening

Not being much of a t-shirt person, my gaze was drawn right and captured by a very large room filled with mostly large looms. Countermarches formerly used at CIA line up like an army waiting to ride into the next wave of discovery.

Looms at the Praxis Fiber Workshop

Looms at the Praxis Fiber Workshop

A small zone of jack looms is tucked in toward the back. There are large empty rooms on the far side suitable and available for private studio rental.

Panoramic view of empty studio room at Praxis Fiber Workshop

Panoramic view of empty studio room at Praxis Fiber Workshop

The emptiness and openness quickly became foreign and uncomfortable, so I moved back to the main area and rejoiced in the joy of seeing so many looms in one place without being at my own home.

I passed equipment storage and a cozy library nook before heading out back as suggested. They had opened the overhead door into the back lot to allow easy access to the large felted creation growing over a large blue tarp spread out over the ground. It was pure art in both its form and function.

Reading nook at Praxis Fiber Workshop

Reading nook at Praxis Fiber Workshop

The process started with a table piled high with many colors of wool roving. Some attempt had been made to separate and sort the colors, but the choices were numerous enough to force some overlap in the piles.

Work and storage space at Praxis Fiber Workshop

Work and storage space at Praxis Fiber Workshop

A bright blue caught my eye. I pulled off a healthy hand full from the sliver and started to stretch and thin it. When I was satisfied with its diaphanous nature, I slipped off my shoes, choose a spot and placed my bit of blue. I added a squirt of soap and started to introduce the sudsy fibers into the work with my bare feet. Many others were dancing over the wet and wooly bits to coerce it all into one cohesive cloth. I was happy to add my bit of color to their opening endeavor. I left with a smile and exceptionally clean toes.

Classes are available to satisfy all the stages of a fiber-focused education. Those big open rooms are available for private rental, as is the dye zone. The staff is young, enthusiastic, and obviously competent. They are friendly, warm, welcoming, and well trained.

We will arrange a tour for our group, but it is located close by and worth a visit anytime. With the range of classes they are offering, you might not want to wait. Check out their website here.

Victoria at Praxis Fiber Workshop

Victoria at Praxis Fiber Workshop

Annual Dye Day this Friday, June 26th

The Cuyahoga Spinners Guild’s Annual Dye Day and (not always annual) sale is happening this Friday, June 26th, starting at 9:00 am, rain or shine, at Jean’s home, <a href=””>2980 Washington Blvd., Cleveland Heights, OH</a>.

We will have a Schact inkle loom and book, a Schact warping board, and a Leclerc 4-harness folding table loom with a  15-inch weaving width, all in excellent condition for sale, as well as past issues of weaving, spinning, and knitting magazines, including <em>Spin-Off</em>, <em>Handwoven</em>, <em>Shuttle, Spindle &amp; Dyepot</em>. Jean will introduce us to a new marbling technique as well.

Pot luck lunch, so bring a dish to share. Bring your fiber yarn, or fabric prepped and ready to dye, wear your work clothes (something you don’t mind getting dye on), and come have some colorful fun with us!

Annual business meeting this Thursday, May 21st

Join us for our annual business meeting and view our show at Beachwood Library, 25501 Shaker Blvd., Beachwood, OH 44122.

The nomination committee has prepared a slate of  officers for election.

President                   Sarah Berg

Treasurer                   Jean Jackson

Secretary                    Nancy Allman

Program 2016-17      Victoria Johnson-Parratt

Come at 11:30 am to enjoy a brown bag lunch, view the show, followed by the 12:30 pm meeting and election.

French fashion presentation at Heights Library

Carole Wallencheck will be presenting French Fashion: Finery, Frippery, and Frocks at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, Lee Road branch, 2345 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH, Monday, May 18th, at 7:00 pm.

France’s dominance as an arbiter of good taste as well as a purveyor of extravagant adornment dates back to the reign of The Sun King, Louis XIV, and is rooted in the Middle Ages. Through an image-packed presentation, we’ll track the rise of Paris as a world-renowned fashion center, examining the public faces of the high-profile designers and great couture houses, as well as the little-known techniques of the backroom workshops. Part of the Springtime in Paris series.

The program is free and open to the public, and no registration is required.